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About Us

The Lump and Bump Doc is a unique skin diagnosis & surgical treatment practice founded by Dr. Frank E. Robinson in 2017. The basic concept for the practice grew out of the observed need for affordable, quality, and professional treatment of various surgical lesions of the skin. In the vast majority of cases, for those patients who had insurance, the treatment of their skin lesions were deemed to be ‘cosmetic’ and thus weren’t covered and were non-reimbursable.

Dr. Robinson has performed numerous surgical procedures on the skin since 2012. These procedures involve the removal or excision of moles (nevi), cysts, keloids, skin tags, and lipomas in his office. In addition, he gained extensive experience repairing wounds while working as an emergency and urgent care physician since 2004. Over time, Dr. Robinson saw a void that needed to be filled, and thus ‘The Lump & Bump Doc’ was formed in Stockbridge GA. It is a model whose Mission Statement embodies: “An affordable, accessible, cash-based, no insurance, derm surgery practice.”

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The Skin Doc

Frank Robinson, MD

Dr. Robinson is a graduate of Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey and completed his residency training in Queens, NY. He has practiced primary care, as well as emergency and urgent care medicine spanning a career of 35 years. Over the past 10 years as a ‘skin surgeon’ and through continuing medical education he has maintained and enhanced his derm surgical skills, acquired both as a certified surgical assistant and as an ER physician. Dr. Robinson is not a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Robinson founded the Lump and Bump Doc practice in 2017 as a service to the general community for whom these services were often unavailable due to ‘non-coverage’ or denial by most insurance plans. He is licensed in the State of Georgia and is board certified by the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine.

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Our Mission Statement

The Lump and Bump Doc practice is a model that is in line with our Mission Statement: "An affordable, accessible, cash-based, no insurance, derm surgery practice." At Lump and Bump, we do not take any insurances or bill patients. Patients pay in-full with cash, credit or debit card at the time of service, which keeps costs low and allows us to streamline operations and pass the savings in the form of lower procedure costs on to the patient.