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Your Professional Skin Cyst, Lipoma and Keloid Specialists

We are a cash based dermatology surgery practice. We evaluate and remove keloids, moles, skin tags, cysts and lipomas.

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The Lump and Bump Doc practice was created to provide a novel approach towards the diagnosis and management of skin lesions, particularly 'lumps and bumps'.

The Skin Doc

Frank Robinson, MD

Dr. Frank Robinson is a medical doctor with over 30 years of practice experience and is a skin surgeon. He specializes in the removal of keloids, cysts, lipomas, moles, and skin tags. We do not treat rashes, eczema, acne, psoriasis, hair or skin pigment problems.

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Affordable & Dependable Cash Prices

We are a cash-based practice. That is, payment in full is expected at the time of your office visit or prior to the procedure being performed that day.

This policy has allowed us to maintain lower prices and high quality in our practice. However, we do accept a limited number of private insurances, including Medicare after your deductible has been met and the applicable co-pay is paid on the day of service. Some procedures may not be covered by your insurance plan or may be considered 'cosmetic' by your insurance plan and thus must be paid in-full BEFORE the procedure is performed.

Please ask our staff member for this information OR contact your insurance provider to ascertain if your desired procedure will be covered.

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The Lump and Bump Doc is a unique skin diagnosis & surgical treatment practice founded by Dr. Frank E. Robinson in 2017. The basic concept for the practice grew out of the observed need for affordable, quality, and professional treatment of various surgical lesions of the skin.

In the vast majority of cases those patients who had insurance, the treatment of their skin lesions was deemed to be ‘cosmetic’ and thus weren’t covered and were non-reimbursable.

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  • Took good care of me... I highly recommend this place for your skin health... the best in the Atlanta metro area... go to the Stockbridge location... you will not be disappointed...

    Rhonda G.

  • Speechless he was great removing my Sebaceous Cyst he is a wonderful doctor very professional. Five star doctor and his staff are so great and polite good experience God bless him always.

    Audra R.

  • I contacted Dr. Robinson's office about a cyst that I had on the side of my face for over 5 years. I went in the next day, and he removed it. Thanks Lump and Bump Doc.

    Cherilyn D.

  • They took care of my elbow really quickly, without any hassle and I was in and out. Great place to go especially when you don't have insurance.

    Michael F.